Taking Personal Loans? Don’t Commit These Mistakes

Taking Personal Loans? Don't Commit These Mistakes

There are a lot of different reasons why people apply for cash loans, without knowing they are making mistakes that will cost them time and money. Even then some mistakes can easily be avoided, continue reading to find out more and understand every mistake. This way you will not end up with regrets like most people do.

Taking Personal Loans? Don't Commit These Mistakes

Not Dealing With Licensed Moneylenders

Even though there are many money lending companies to be found in the net, you will need to pick a certified moneylender in Singapore. Also be sure to confirm the number of years the lender has been in operation. A company that has been in business for a long time means they will offer quality service sufficient to keep them in business.

Scanning The Stipulations And Conditions

Make sure that you go through the loan conditions and understand the fine print in them. Above all do take your time. Be sure to examine the conditions as well as do note all the certain specifics that could cause you to lose money and even end up having bad credit.

Going for the First Offer

Before taking out any loan, be sure to shop around and take your time and carry out some research. Considering that you will be the one who needs the cash then shopping around will help you avoid those lenders who might take advantage of your urgent financial needs. You, however, might be considering taking loans from banks but it’ll take a lot longer because banks typically require lots of paperwork.

You could consider approaching a private moneylender who will offer you more options with repayments, terms, and interest. The money lending industry is rather competitive thus you will certainly locate the ideal personal loan that suits your requirements and ability to repay.

Not Confirming Additional Costs

When you decide to take out a personal loan, always remember to add extra fees as well as closing costs to your total amount of the amount you have to repay. Another important thing for you to keep in mind is to cautiously read the terms and ensure you ask your moneylender as many questions regarding the loan terms to ensure you understand the whole agreement.

Unaware Of Your Credit Rating

Before you think about taking out a loan, it is recommended that you check your credit rating because the personal loan approval significantly depends on it. Also, ensure that your credit rating is accurate.

Realize that your credit history is always updated by your moneylender, for that reason make certain they include all the times that you had made on time repayments. Your credit score always reflects your credit record.

With that in mind, you need to realize that there are many ways to maintain it in good standing like not taking out a big loan amount, repaying credits promptly and not failing to repay a loan. Having a good credit rating will ensure that your personal loans are easily approved and you may even get lower rates of interests.

Getting Emotional

When taking out a loan from a moneylender, it’s advisable you think prudently and not let yourself go over the top through your emotions. Don’t get too excited. Always get a loan that best suits your needs and financial status. It is not a good idea to take out a loan to help out a friend or family member.

Overlooking the Fine Prints

You need to be careful since some terms might bring additional costs to your loan. Thus avoid late payment penalties as well as prepayment penalties.

Lying About Your Information

Do not lie about your credit rating and income. Your moneylender has the means to confirm your info. When you are caught, you will be in big trouble by paying a huge penalty and losing your loan.

Not Asking Questions

It is encouraged that you ask your lender to clarify any unclear conditions. Ask away, it might actually save you on money and time. Be sure to explain to your lender about your financial state since they are likely to offer you a loan deal that serves your needs.

All borrowers have different situations, thus when there is a setback its best you let your money lender know. Don’t get scared when they try to get in touch with you. They only want to assist you to repay your loan following what you had agreed on.


Even if you have a stable income, it’s easy for you to think that you will effortlessly repay your loan. Keep in mind that you still have a lot of bills, needs, and expenses that require your attention. Stick to your budget and promptly repay your loans.

Borrowing More Than You Actually Need

Be sure to take out a loan amount that you can repay. When you aren’t able to repay your loan, you may perhaps end up defaulting. Once you default, the interests will increase dramatically, and you could lose your property. It might also lead to your bank accounts being seized or getting closed.


There are lenders who persuade their customers into extending their personal loans. When you don’t need it, don’t get excited to do so. It will only make the credit score seem bad and in the end, you’ll pay a lot more than you’d borrowed.

Not Negotiating

Most people simply accept what is presented to them by their lenders thus they don’t negotiate the terms. Borrowers should negotiate the terms to avoid being constraint financially. You should not be adding up your loan problems when getting a loan to assist with your monetary needs.

People take out loans for different reasons. They could be stuck in their budget, would like to repay the debt, go on a vacation or settle a medical bill but all require extra cash. It’s tempting to have extra cash, but don’t open a loan when you actually don’t need it. Follow your repayment plan and don’t hide from your money lender. Loans are meant to help you, so don’t overuse them.

How Authorised Moneylenders Can Help You To Cope With Financial Crisis

How Authorised Moneylenders Can Help You To Cope With Financial Crisis

In spite of the reasons for choosing any loan type in Singapore, rest assured that a Licensed Moneylender will be very useful. This type of a lender has the ability to sort out your budgetary issues effortlessly and successfully.

For Singaporeans who need a cash advance, they could contact a licensed moneylender who is ready to give them the loan amount that meets their financial needs. There is a broad range of advances that are offered by a moneylender in Singapore. You may also select a plan for your loan advance and ensure that you repay the cash back on time. Even so, when you are planning to take out the payday loan, be sure you contact a legal moneylender for assistance.

Moneylenders Have Their Parts To Play

Licensed moneylenders are more trusted since they hold a legal permit thus assuring people that their dealings are legitimate. Most of them have the capability to offer great cash advance deals together with great repayment plans to their customers. They also help people have access to credits when the need arises.

The services offered by the payday loaning companies are of the highest quality, and the manner in which the clients are dealt with is an additional reason why people take loans from these lenders. They also securely keep their client’s information confidential and never disclose it to anybody.

Moneylenders in Singapore are renowned for offering different types of cash advances from the personal loan, home loan, remote advances as well as fast cash to people.

Benefits Of Borrowing

The benefit of borrowing credits from licensed moneylenders in Singapore is the flexible repayment options for the loan. The interest rates offered by the money lending organizations are focused, thus an individual can secure the perfect arrangement for their individual credit advances. Fast, the proficient loan processing is a part of the watchwords for the process example of the money lending associations in the city. Their dedication to their work is what helps in keeping their customers fulfilled and happy.

It is possible for Singaporeans to apply for personal loans by submitting an application form online to start with. After the essential checks have been made by your moneylender, there are several documents that you have to get checked by the lender to help in the processing of their loan application.

Importance Of A Role Of A Legit Moneylender

The main focus of the association of moneylenders in Singapore is to keep their procedures as straightforward as possible. Their aim is that it does not confuse the client when applying for the advance. Apart from the online method, there is also round the clock customer assistance accessible to their customers.

The licensed moneylenders help their customers and also offer them the essential data regarding the credit. In additional they help to clarify the questions and inquiries concerning the loans offered and their repayment options.

The most important thing is if you have approached an approved moneylender, then you won’t need to get stressed over the steadfast quality and legality of their operations. Be sure to confirm with the Law Ministry’s website whether the moneylender is licensed as there are loan sharks in the country who outrightly misuse the identities.

Help From Licensed Moneylenders for Your Budgetary Emergencies

Everyone comes across budgetary troubles from time to time. Once in a while, the needs are not urgent, and you could be able to get an additional job to afford yourself a decent living. At times, you may be able to look for assistance from your loved ones.

On some occasions, you are more likely unable to see an easy method for you to find a solution. On these events, finding a legal moneylender may be a decent option for you.

A moneylender is a company that holds the assets in addition to experience to provide instant loans to Singaporeans from all income levels made to suit their ability to repay. These lenders have the capability to lend you cash for various reasons and needs. Some lenders include additional assets for occasions, crisis car repairs or even pay your bills.

Individual loans are available to help you meet your daily needs. Just complete the loan application and expect your approval. The loan approval is usually fast with just confirmation of pays and personal information required.

Repayment plans can be different, given your ability to repay and the detailed organization’s provision. Licensed moneylenders will attempt to give you a repayment plan so that you are not left in debt and that the situation does not persist long enough to give you the feeling that you’ll never escape commitment.

How Authorised Moneylenders Can Help You To Cope With Financial Crisis

Moneylenders often handle the low-income credits, thus offering you the amount that you require an affordable repayment plan that you can repay with ease. Essentially, they are helpful when you are worried that you may not be able to get a loan because of your poor credit.

Moneylenders make their loans just suitable for your ability to repay, and not based on your history of the payday loan repayments. This type of loan can also be advantageous, thus helping you to improve your bad credit.

Instant cash loans are a moneylender’s claim to fame. Having a short-term loan, you will need to make several instalments before you can repay the loan. Small payday loans are an appropriate way to extend your expenditure when the paycheck falls short. These types of credits are at times known as payday advances. This means that the money is loaned to you with the aim that you will manage until the time when the next paycheck arrives, and also the time you will have to repay the advance.

For all types of loan that you may need, not considering whether it’s additional cash for something amazing or simply some small amount to help you cope before the next payday comes. A moneylender can work with you to help you find a loan that meets your needs. Make sure you confirm the accreditations of every moneylender that you’ll work with. Also be sensible on the amount of money you take and how fast you can repay it.

What You Should Know About A Licensed Moneylender

What You Should Know About A Licensed Moneylender

A moneylender may be described as a person or group that is able to offer small types of personal loans to individuals or groups that need financial help but at high-rates of interest.

These lenders typically offer personal loans to Singaporeans who have a very legitimate financial need. And when borrowers delayed the repayment, they don’t take inconsiderate actions for instance harassment of their customer but instead, they usually send reminder notices.

What You Should Know About A Licensed Moneylender

In Singapore, legal moneylenders are confirmed by the Law Ministry.

Types Of Loans

– Secured Loans

It’s important that you realize that for you to access a personal loan, the item you put in as collateral needs to be valued at more than the loan amount you wish to take out plus the interest amount that will be charged on the loan.

Once you have signed over your rights of your pledged items, your lender will keep its titles in addition to the transfer forms. They keep them nearby in case you don’t follow the agreement and failing to make payments on the borrowed amount.

When it happens that the worth of your item declines under the outstanding sum remaining, the lender may demand a one-time payment to cover the difference. Secured personal loans often come with rather lower interest rates.

Unsecured Loans

This loan type allows you to borrow a certain amount using only a promise to protect the moneylender’s investment in case the borrower defaults. To obtain this loan type no assets are required and the moneylender may only have a lawsuit which involves court procedures against the debtor. The court can then make the defaulter repay the outstanding loan amount.

When they don’t have the required loan amount, an order may be placed to sell their property to help settle the loan. However, this doesn’t guarantee the moneylender that he’ll get the entire investment amount back.

Benefits Of Choosing A Licensed Moneylender

  • These types of lenders will not harass borrowers from the moment they start the entire loan application procedure to finish. In Singapore, licensed moneylenders operate following the guidelines set by the government. Failure to adhere means that they risk legal actions such as revoking of their business licenses, fines, etc. Due to this, the lender’s repayment schedule is always reasonable.
  • Moneylenders always have affordable interest rates. Licensed moneylenders have to stick to the government issued regulations. The process of determining the amount of loan money you are qualified for is standardized.
  • When working with a certified moneylender, the waiting period before the loan requested is approved can be notably shorter. This usually happens within a few days. The lenders will not be focused much on a borrower’s credit history. The moneylender process of borrowing a personal loan is incredibly efficient.
  • The licensed moneylenders have a legitimate permit of operation, registered landline and a physical office where you can acquire extensive information or even go to when authentication or confirming of personal information is needed for you to be qualified for a loan. As a result, you will not require giving the lenders access to your own SingPass Login in particular since it holds sensitive information about each citizen in Singapore.
  • The Moneylenders’ Registry in Singapore has stringently set rules of how moneylenders can carry out advertising for their financial services to the community. The moneylenders have a specific way through which they are able to communicate with their customers. It is a requirement by law that there should be physical office present for potential borrowers to visit given that they would like to make any queries. In addition, when you ever get an advertisement SMS from any approved moneylender, it is your right to report the number to Moneylenders Registry.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Borrowing From Licensed Moneylenders

  • Before you visit a licensed moneylender it is important for you to consider other alternatives available that can help you access the finances. Some options like government agency schemes are available.
  • Recheck the stipulations of the loan contract you are about to enter into with your licensed moneylender because usually, agreements bind people. Evaluate whether you are able to follow the terms when you consider your income along with your financial obligations. And above all only borrow the amount that you need and don’t get excited by the large amounts that you won’t be able to repay.
  • Ensure that you fully comprehend the conditions of the loan agreement and in particular how you can repay your loan. Confirm the amount of time you will be required to pay back the loan. Also, confirm the interest rates charged on your loan. The moneylender should communicate the comprehensive information to you during the signing of the loan.
  • It’s recommended that you locate a moneylender who has the best terms. Don’t rush to access a payday loan before you are pleased with the conditions and terms. Remember you will be repaying thus it’s important that these terms be favourable for you.
  • Be cautious before signing any contract that has a caveat. A caveat is a notice that stops certain proceedings from being done before informing the issuer of the particular notice.
  • Be careful when a moneylender inquires about your SingPass password or even user IDs and when they keep important documents like your national ID card, work permits, ATM cards, driver’s license etc.
  • Ensure that your approved moneylender gives you a payday loan with sufficient information. They also have to follow the right processes of lending.

Ensure that before getting a loan from licensed moneylenders, that you read as far as you can about the different laws and rules governing money lending. Such information is accessible from the Law Ministry’s website.

This way, whenever you ask for the lender’s certificate, which you always should do, you are able to judge against the details it holds with the one you got. Even though it’s rather safe to borrow from legal moneylenders, you should be cautious because you are the one to pay back the borrowed money.