The Myth Of Licensed Money Lenders In Singapore

The Myth of Licensed Money Lenders in Singapore

Different from the popular belief that makes some Singaporeans avoid one. Legal moneylenders are out to help you through a financial crisis. Accredited moneylenders are like any other business owner.

Although its true that they want to make money through this business. They definitely do not want to do so at the expense of borrowers. To provide you more confidence in knowing loans.

The Myth Of Licensed Money Lenders In Singapore

Below are some moneylender myths. These might be stopping you from getting a personal loan when you really need one.

How To Tell apart a Legal Moneylender From An Illegal One

An authorized moneylender will ask to see an NRIC card. They might also request for other personal identity paperwork. This will be used to help them verify your identity. Even so, they should not want to retain the documents. Some of these documents are passports, driving licenses, ATM cards, work permits, or employment passes.

When the lender needs them, they can use a copy of the ID card for their file. however, they should return to you the original after checks. A few unlicensed moneylenders will slyly ask that you provide them with the SingPass password and Username.

You are not obligated to offer such details to any lender. Even then, this request is highly unusual even as a requirement.

What Makes a Dependable Moneylender

Only seek to deal with a legal moneylender. This is because these lenders have fulfilled all requirements set by law. These regulations are aimed at protecting your interests. These moneylenders will possess all the licenses and permits that prove their compliance.

To ensure that your moneylender of choice is duly registered. Always demand that they show you their registration papers. Importantly check their license number against the one shown at the Moneylenders Registry website. Do not accept only a verbal confirmation.

What Are The Different Types Of Loans?

Do realize that in Singapore there are two kinds of loans. These are unsecured and secure loans. This means that when you are considering to take out a personal loan. The one aspect you will have to think about early in the borrowing cycle. As to whether you want to pledge security for the loan.Or you do not. Collateral or security is a valuable asset. This asset rights will be signed over to the lender in place of a loan.

In simple terms, it means that in case you are not able to repay your personal loan. The moneylender can assume ownership of the asset provided as security. They can choose to sell it and recover their outstanding amount.

When there is no security needed. The loan provided to borrowers will not have security by using an asset. This is what is known as an unsecured loan. When the borrower is unable to repay it, the lender does not have the right to assume their property. However, only when a court order and direction from a judge can the do so.

What Secured Loans Are

Not all assets that an individual owns can be used as collateral for loans. The value of the asset value should be worth a lot more than borrowed amount. Additionally, it should also cover the entire interest attracted on the loan. For example, you could use your house or car. Also, other realty possession is acceptable. Once you have signed over the rights of an asset. Your lender will place the lien on that asset.

Your lender will then hold on to all the documents of the property. This also includes duly signed forms of transfer. The form will be waiting to take effect should you default your repayments.

Nearly all mainstream lending organizations like banks provide loans that are secured. This is because this decreases the lending risk of their establishment.

What An Unsecured Loan Is

Unsecured loans are loan amounts borrowed without using any assets. This asset is what a borrower pledges to help protect a lender’s investment. This is only in case they default on their payment. In such a situation, the lender’s only help is to begin legal action. This will be done against a defaulter.

In this case, the court can order a defaulter to repay the outstanding loan amount. When the borrower is declared bankrupt, the law court can order their property be sold. The proceeds can be used to settle their debts.

As such a lender still this does not give assurance. Thus they are certain the will regain their investment. This is because the borrower might have other creditors. Yet the creditors have to be repaid first.

What Are The Disadvantages And Advantages Of Unsecured Loans

Advantages of unsecured loans

  • These do not put a risk on your assets.
  • They are a quick financial solution for individuals with a lower credit score
  • They are fast to process. This is because the asset valuation checks are not as strict.


  • They attract higher interests compared to corresponding amounts that are secured. This is because they should not take your assets under unforeseen circumstances.
  • These are limited depending on the amounts you can borrow. This is normally an upper limit of four times your monthly income.
  • They come with stricter repayment plans. The instalments are higher to limit the risk to legal moneylenders

What Types Of Moneylenders Are In Singapore? Are The Lenders All “Ah Longs”?

In reality, they are no many differences between licensed and unlicensed lenders. This you cannot tell instantly. However, here are a few things you could do for background checks. This is before you “sign the papers”

Prior to accepting personal loans from any moneylender. you should ensure that they have a valid license number. Confirm that their certification is legitimate. The Moneylenders’ Registry has the complete list of licensed lenders. This they do on their official website. The registry ensures it is updated each month. They place this list is there to assist customers. Borrowers use this to confirm details provided by prospective moneylenders. Therefore, remember to double check the provided list before you borrow.

Why Do Moneylenders Charge Higher Interests

Why Do Moneylenders Charge Higher Interests

Licensed moneylenders are said to charge higher interests. This is as they get compared to banks. Of importance is to understand the reason for this as they still have new and regular customers despite the higher rates. In reality, legal moneylenders have proven to be important institutions. This is because they support the lower and middle ranked population.

Moneylender Interest Rates

Since June 2012, legal moneylenders should provide loan details. Their customers need to see the computation of loan interests. This is before you get a loan. Those borrowers who make $30,000 and below annually. Their loans will attract a cap. While those earning $30,000 and above yearly do not incur any limits. Ensure you understand major points of these regulations. By doing this, you will protect yourself.

Borrower credit

Banks carry out extensive checks on worthiness for credit of borrowers. They even have access to expenditure and income details. This they get through the repayments and deposits records. Like from credit cards. However, new borrowers with no records are may not get loans easily.

On the other hand, moneylenders do not do thorough checks. Thus they lend to people with little credit records. These lenders reduce the lending risk by shortening the loan tenure. Also, they set limits on personal loans. The loan tenures are normally under six months. These lower-credit quality and smaller loan are important. With a shorter lending time, moneylenders need to increase the rates. This way they can operate their business in a profitable way.

Security and Loan type

Banks nearly all the time will offer secured loans. The banks have a high ranking as lenders. They also have tight legal documents to support. They offer large amounts of money for specific purposes. This could be for the purchase of property and renovation loans. This means banks lend out confidently. Also, they ride the large economy.

Borrowers who choose moneylenders normally want small amounts. This might be for meeting daily expenses. They could be funds for handling urgent disbursements. Smaller personal loans and other much smaller loan amounts are available. This is keeping in mind that the returns rate are high. Moneylenders also offer loans that are usually unsecured. However, they offer elaborate legal documents. In addition, they are under regulation by government agencies.

Why Do Moneylenders Charge Higher Interests

Factors Affecting Moneylender Interests

The moneylender interests will be influenced by factors like;

  1. Outstanding loan and repayment behaviour
  2. Borrower’s monthly salary
  3. Home-ownership (Living with Parents/ Own/Rented)
  4. Length of Employment and Occupation

What To Consider when getting a loan

  1. Realize that a loan contract is by law binding. This means that each of the party involved. That is the moneylender as well as the borrower. Therefore, each of the two has a part to play. Thus, each party should adhere to set conditions. These you agreed upon during the signing phase of the agreement. Failure to meet and stick to this regulation will cost you. Either party can face prosecution in court.
  2. Make sure that you fully understand the document you submit. Importantly realize there is fraudulent lender These lenders might pretend to be legal moneylenders. Be aware of the traps and tricks they oftentimes use. This way you will be able to spot one before you fall a victim. Legal moneylenders operate by providing short-term personal loans. Therefore, stay away from fraudulent agencies that can ruin your finances.
  3. Always ensure that you do an analysis of your income. Doing so will ensure certainty that you can make Soon after deciding on how much money you want to borrow. Make sure you know the repayment period. Once you have done so you can budget easily for your personal loan. Also, you get to avoid facing challenges of not repaying the premium.
  4. It is advisable that you ensure that you get a copy of the contract. This will provide you with terms and conditions stipulated for your Ensure that the loan contract is clear and you understand it. Be clear of the interests charged on the loans. Look at the options for repayment, penalties, any additional fees. Confirm about any other important formalities. These are issues that can affect you with time.

Always Look For The Best

Carefully research to help locate the best moneylender near you. This is useful because you are able to pick a reliable lender. Ensure that you only deal with lenders that accommodate your conditions. Never sign a contract unless you agree to the stated conditions. Also be clear of the terms of the loan you are taking out. When you something is not clear, be sure to ask.

Always do your research, and decide based on the findings. This will ensure you get the ideal authorized moneylender. The lender you choose should be ready to work with you. Thus you will have an easy way of meeting your short-term financial needs.

What This Means For Borrowers

Dealing with licensed moneylenders in Singapore will protect you. This is from exorbitant high interests that might come up. This you will experience when you deal with the illegal moneylenders. These lenders seem to hike their interests. This is often when you do not promptly make repayments.

A 4% interest cap means that borrowers are safer. This also makes the rates easily understood. Also be clear on how the interests charged might affect you.

What You Should Know about Moneylender Interests

It is advisable to compare the various rates offered by accredited lenders. This will help you get the ideal and most favourable deal. You will also get a loan that meets your requirements. It is not advisable to rush into getting a loan. However, unless you know the moneylender’s interest regulations. Even when you are facing an urgent situation. Ensure you compare personal loans available in the market.

Though banks have contributed to economic development in Singapore. Moneylenders have equally played an important too. They have helped sustain the daily financial needs of the lower-salaried workers. This is since living expenses in Singapore have increased. This is as opposed to career advancement and salary increments of most Singaporeans.

Should You Take A Personal Loan To Finance Your Wedding?

Should You Take A Personal Loan To Finance Your Wedding?

When you are short on funds but have a dream wedding for you to plan, you could consider taking a personal loan to fund your celebration. Between venue, menu, attire, photography, hair and make-up, and ceremonial affairs, even those weddings that come void of whistles and bells can still hit the thousands mark.

Given that you have wisely been keeping a wedding account after meeting ‘the one’, thumbs up for planning ahead! However, it can happen that the money isn’t enough or even much for your wedding.

Under such a situation, a moneylender personal loan might help you briefly however here are the pros and cons that will assist you to make the right choice.

Saying “I Do” To A Personal Loan

Normally your bid day, whether momentous or modest, it will cost you. Although you would like to count on friends and families goodwill to assist financially, this may not always be a practical approach. You may have to finance at least a part of the ceremony even when you are getting help from people around you.

Using a moneylender personal loan could be an amazing helper to sustain your wedding plans, but here are a few handy tips to help you decide if this is correct for you.

You may consider using a personal loan when you:

  • Hold stable job that will help cover repayments for the whole tenure;
  • Are in agreement with your partner on the amount you should borrow;
  • You have researched and have a costing plan for your wedding; and,
  • You have emergency money ready to cover the loans and additional expenses for 3-6 months.

However, you could skip personal loans at present when:

  • You have unstable job and income;
  • There are very many prior obligations and debts to pay off;
  • Your cash flow and savings are currently limited; and
  • The terms of the personal loan are not fully clear to you.

Given that you get a personal loan or not, remember that it’s absolutely possible for you to make your wedding a reality regardless of the budget. One thing though is for you to realize that your big day will be unique as it’s your wedding day.

Should You Take A Personal Loan To Finance Your Wedding?

Advantages of Taking a Personal Loan

Having sufficient resources for you to do your plans will give you the feeling like no other, however, you need to weigh the pros and cons for them to work for you.

  • You Don’t Have To Burden Anyone

The truth is, weddings can be stressful affairs since a huge change is occurring, in-laws getting familiar, and you are doing your best to keep everybody happy. It is a blessing that you are able to fund your wedding by yourself; you will reduce the burden off of your family and simply let them rejoice with you and with no financial worry.

  • A Day Like No Other

Weddings are truly joyous events to celebrate moreover you may want to do a little more, possibly something unusual – thus having sufficient resources can help you achieve that. Access to the much-needed cash can offer you the chance to have a magical and unforgettable wedding day.

  • Really Make It Your Own

Here is a sad reality: at times generous sponsorships are not so generous in spite of everything. Promises from well-meaning family members to assist you in paying for your wedding could come with hidden intentions.

Taking out a personal loan, on the other hand, puts you and your fiancé decisively in charge of everything thus making you the ones to make the final call on your big day. One thing to keep in mind is that you can oblige to your family requests however you don’t have to be held at ransom by this.

  • Saving Money For More Important Matters

A few people do have the cash to fund their wedding but yet they choose to take out a loan. The reason for this is because money in the bank is more valuable than the money you expect in the future. It is rather hard for anyone to actually predict what may happen in the future. Having ready cash is a much better option for some individuals than emptying your account and staying debt free.

The Disadvantage Of Taking A Personal Loan

  • Having To Put Other Key Decisions On Hold

Include your personal loan amount to all the other borrowings that you and your partner have by now accumulated over the years like car loans, education loans, and even credit card, and check whether you are in heavy debt.

When yes, you need to consider how it can affect the choices in the phase of your life. Purchasing a house as well as having children might have to get a slightly held up till your income is strong enough to manage your debt.

  • Beginning Your Life Together In Debt

The fright of having debts after your wedding day is perhaps the biggest concern for anybody thinking of using a personal loan to fund a wedding. Nobody wants to begin on a marital journey with heavy debt repayments along the way. The easiest way for you to avoid getting loaded with heavy debt to make certain that you can manage to pay for the repayments.

  • Spending More Than Necessary

Having enough cash to pay out for your wedding could lure you into extravagant add-ons and frills. By taking out a personal loan you might avoid these setbacks, by just getting the amount that you actually need depends on your wedding budget and plan.

Once you decide on getting a loan to fund your wedding, it is advisable that find the right loan for you based on your occupation and financial situation. If you are a worker or a civil servant; or someone looking for a quick approval loans types; or individuals in the lower income bracket, there is certainly a loan type perfect for you. Shop around and do thorough research to find a lender who is ready to work with you and offer you the right loan.