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What Are The Interest Rates Moneylenders Can Charge?

When you have a pressing financial need, and you have no immediate way to address that need, you can always take a loan. Taking loans in Singapore is usually viewed as very easy or very difficult, but it all depends on what factors have forced you to take a loan, the lending institution you decide […]

New Money Lending Guidelines: Will It Cost You More On Loans?

The moneylending scene in Singapore has been fraught with cases of fraud and cheating, with moneylenders charging unsuspecting customers heavy fees and interest rates on late loan repayments, or due to some obscure clause in the loan contract that the borrower was unaware of. The Ministry of Law has made several rules and regulations to […]

What To Do If You Meet An Errant Licensed Money Lender?

Did you know that the government has provision for you to file a case against an errant licensed moneylender? The Registrar of Moneylenders, a section of the Singapore’s Ministry of Justice, regulates the business of moneylending in our country. The registry of money lenders published some regulations under which you can file a case against […]

What Should I Do After Being Granted A Loan?

Getting a loan in Singapore is a pretty straightforward process, if you go through the right channels. Lending institutions include banks and moneylenders, amongst others. Moneylenders make up a small percentage of the official institutions authorized to grant loans, but moneylending is a thriving business, and you can go and borrow money from them. First, […]